This is a list of known SCDS specialist surgeons (50+ surgeries).

Note: this is an incomplete list. For further recommendations on surgeons in your area, or to read patient experience stories, join one of the online support groups.

United States of America

Dr. John Carey
Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Quinton Gopen
Los Angeles, California

Dr. Daniel Lee
Boston, Massachusetts


Note: Canada has reciprocal healthcare between provinces, which means you can travel to another province for surgery and have it covered by your provincial health plan.

Dr. Issam Saliba
Montreal, Quebec

Dr. John Rutka
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Vincent Lin
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Lorne Parnes
London, Ontario

Dr. Brian Westerberg
Vancouver, British Columbia


Dr. Shakeel Saeed
London, England


Dr. Thomas Kertesz
Sydney, Australia

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